About us

Who are we?

We are an informal group of activists who have come together in 2014 to campaign for an inclusive, independent Scotland. We have no party affiliation. We have no constitution, formal membership, legal existence or bank account.

We are based around Marchmont and Morningside.  Our local area is Edinburgh's ward 10 electoral district.

We welcome all who wish to join us.


We used to meet in the Amnesty Book shop in Argyll Place.  Since the COVID-19 pandemic our meetings are held online every two weeks.


We have a supporters list. This comprises the contact details of those who have indicated (and subsequently confirmed by email) they wished to be informed of our activities. We abide by GDPR rules: everyone was asked to confirm they wished to be on it, and if no such confirmation was received, their details were deleted. All mailings to the list are BCC to maintain confidentiality. The information held is: name, date of authorization, email (for all); phone numbers and address (for some). Any request to come off the list is actioned immediately. Postings to the list are kept to a minimum.